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Boudoir Prep Info



Your Session starts promptly at the scheduled time. You do not need to arrive early, as we may be with another client. Your confirmation email states your arrival time. ​ Please arrive with: 

  • All of your outfits + accessories​

  • Your hair dry and natural. Your hair will be styled in either loose curls or straightened. Your face clean and product-less. Feel free to bring your favorite lipstick or foundation if you want to, but the stylist will provide makeup. If you have inspiration make up photos, bring those to the shoot to show the stylist. ​

  • Loose clothes. Tight clothing (bras, underwear, jeans, etc…) will leave lines on your body and will be seen in the photos.

  • I recommend making sure your nails are cleaned up and look nice. Either by getting a manicure and pedicure or doing them yourself. Also having your eyebrows done is a great tip too. If you like to wax, try to do it a couple days before your session to avoid redness and irritation.

  • For most people, we do NOT recommend getting a spray tan. Your natural skin tone will usually look better on camera than a spray tan. If you get spray tans frequently and know that it looks good on you, then go for it. But this is probably not the time to try your first ever spray tan.

  • Clean the soles of your shoes - the bottoms of your shoes will show in many of your images.

TIP: Eat breakfast before your session. Your “food baby” will not show up on camera. Please take care of yourself and arrive with nutrition in your body!


Bring as many outfits as you want to! Typically we will have time for 3-5 outfits. At the beginning of the shoot we will lay out all the outfits and decide what to prioritize so that you get the most variety of images. The most important thing is that you FEEL CONFIDENT. We also have a client closet with sizes S-4X for you to borrow as well!

Choose outfit combos that make you excited. No matter your body type or the pretty outfits you choose…you are beautiful. 

​There is no proper outfit, however, here are my suggestions for every shoot:

​1.  A matching bra and panty set (sets look expensive)

2.  A one-piece teddy

3. A bra with structure

4.  The white sheet / Nude. This is a favorite for many of our clients because you can still be covered while leaving so much up to the imagination. Pristine Portraits Boudoir doesn’t offer highly erotic images, but we believe full, partial, or implied nudity can be a lovely way to document and celebrate your body. This is completely optional, and we provide the sheet.

Other ideas: baggy t-shirt, cami with sexy panties, robe, tank top and shorts, wide neck or open-front sweater, your lover's t-shirt or jersey, a pair of knee high socks and/or thigh-high stockings. Make sure to bring a pair of heals if you’d like too!

Will I be naked?

Only if you want to be! Your level of nudity is totally up to you. Some of our clients wear a robe throughout the entire photo shoot while others walk around stark naked. 

Our priority is your comfort…but our job as your photographer is to help create photographs you will loooove. 


If you’re like most people, boudoir sessions are a unique experience, and it might be a few years before you do another one. We don’t want you to look back and say, “I wish I had just tried that shot…” Because of that, we will likely encourage you to go one step further than you planned on. It is all up to you, and we will support your decision, either way!

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